Sponberg Lab

PI: Simon Sponberg



  • Sponberg, S.; Dyhr, J. P.; Hall, R. W.; Daniel, T. L. “Luminance-dependent visual processing enables moth flight in low light.” Science. 348:1245-1248. 2015.
  • Mongeau, J. M.; Sponberg, S.; Miller, J. P.; Full, R. J. “Sensory processing within antenna enables rapid implementation of feedback control for high-speed running maneuvers.” J. Exp. Biology. 18(15):2344–54.
  • Sponberg, S.; Daniel, T. L.; Fairhall, A. L. “Dual dimensionality reduction reveals independent incoding of motor features in a muscle synergy for insect flight control
.” PLOS Comp. Biology. 11(4):e1004168-23.
  • Cowan, N. J., Ankarali, M. M., Dyhr, J. P., Madhav, M. S., Roth, E., Sefati, S., Sponberg, S.; Stamper, S. A.; Fortune, E. S.; Daniel, T. L. “Feedback Control as a Framework for Understanding Tradeoffs in Biology.” Int. Comp. Biol. 54(2): 223-237.
  • Roth, E.*; Sponberg, S.*; Cowan, N. J.  “A comparative approach to closed-loop computation.” Curr Opin Neurobio, 25: 54-62 (* denotes equal contributions).


  • Young Investigator Award, International Society for Neuroethology (ISN) — Sponberg 2014
  • PURA Undergraduate Research Award — Rachel Barker — 2016
  • PURA Undergraduate Research Award — Natalie Murray — 2016

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