Fenton Lab

PI: Flavio Fenton



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  • Petit scholar award (Neil Hardy, 2015-2106)
  • Petit mentor award (Conner Herndon, 2015-2106)
  • GoSTEM Faculty Fellow award (Fenton 2015-2016)
  • PURA Salary Award (James Timothy Farmer, 2016)
  • PURA Slaray Award (Madeline Lazar, 2016)
  • Physics REU at UCLA (Krishgma Singal, 2016)
  • APS March Meeting Top Presenter, SPS (Krishma Singal, 2016)
  • College of Science Mehta Phingbodhipakkiya Award (Krishma Singal, 2016)
  • National Academy of Sciences Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (Yanyan Ji, 2016)
  • PURA Salary Award (Casey Trimble, 2015)
  • PURA Salary Award (Mary Elizabeth Lee, 2015)
  • PURA Salary Award (Krishma Singal, 2015)
  • PURA Salary Award (Ramprasath Rajagopal, 2015)
  • Physics REU at William and Mary, (Mary Elizabeth Lee, 2015)
  • Best Poster Award, REU W&M (Mary Elizabeth Lee, 2015)
  • GT URSA award (Krishma Singal, 2015)
  • Hesburgh Award Teaching Fellow (Fenton 2014).
  • CETL/BP Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (Fenton 2104).
  • Women’s Leadership award, (Andrea Welsh, 2014)
  • Silver medal at the 2014 University Physics Competition (Casey Trimble, 2014)
  • PURA award (Amier Naji, 2014)
  • Physics REU at GT (Casey Trimble, 2014)
  • ITT Instructure of the quarter award (Ilija Uzelac, 2014)
  • AAPT Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (Andrea Welsh, 2014)
  • GT Diversity Championship Award (Andrea Welsh, 2014)
  • Travel Awards:
    1)  Okinawa Integrative Biology Course, Japan. (Elisa Nuzes Acosta, 2013)
    2)  APS SPS travel award, meeting at Puerto Rico (Casey Trimble, 2014)
    3)  AMS workshop on Integrating Dynamics and Stochastics, Brown U. (Casey Trimble, 2014)
    4)  SIAM Travel award, Dynamical Systems, Utah  (Andrea Welsh, 2014)
    7)  Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators: 40 years of the Kuramoto Model Workshop , Dresden Germany (Andrea Welsh, 2015)
    8)  NAS Frontiers in Physics, Pattern Formation, and Complex Materials Far From Equilibrium, DC (Andrea Welsh, 2015)
    9)  Experimental chaos and Complexity meeting, Canada (Conner Herndon, 2016)
    10) SIAM life Scieces meeting (Andrea Welsh, 2016)
    11) PURA Travel Award (Krishma Singal, 2016)
    12) PURA Travel Award (Mary Elizabeth Lee, 2016)


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