Curtis Lab

PI: Jennifer Curtis



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  • J. Scrimgeour and J.E. Curtis, Aberration Correction in Wide-field Fluorescence Microscopy by Segmented-pupil Image Interferometry. (2012) Opt. Exp., 20, 14534-14541

Awards and Honors


REU Site program “Broadening participation in physics” funded by NSF – Jennifer Curtis is the PI

  • 2015.12.19 Undergraduate Michelle Truong is selected as an Air Products ME Undergraduate Researcher — Jennifer Curtis is recognized with Georgia Tech College of Science Mentor award.
  • 2014.07.01 Jennifer Curtis becomes an Editorial Board member of the Biophysical Journal.
  • 02.12.2013 Daniel Kovari wins travel grant for superior poster presentation at the Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference (GTRIC).
  • 10.18.2013 Wenbin Wei is awarded a stipend supplement as a “Molecular Biophysics Senior Student” in recognition of his research activities.

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