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March 2016

  • Congratulations to Prof. Joshua Weitz on promoted to the rank of full professor!
  • Congratulations to Prof. Harold Kim on tenured and promoted to Associated Professor!

November 2015

  • November  6 (Friday) Georgia Tech will be hosting the Atlanta Area Systems Biophysics conference from 8:30-5:00 in the Tech Square Research Building (TSRB, it is behind Moe’s in Tech Square)) Auditorium. The goal of this conference is to get Atlanta’s well-represented biophysics community under one roof, see what everyone is doing, and share ideas. If you are interested, please drop by for all or part of Friday.
    For more information and a schedule of the talks, visit the website

October 2015

  • The 2015 Southeast Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology regional meeting was hosted at GT on Monday, October 12.  We had about 90 attendees, 40 talks, a keynote talk from Noah Cowan, and a dinner at Zoo Atlanta with an after-hours tour of the newly-renovated reptile house.  The website for this meeting is

September 2015

  • Congratulations to Curtis Balusek (Gumbart lab) and James Water (Kim lab) as the recipients of the 2016 Bonnie B. and Charles K Rice Jr. Fellowship in recognition for their work and commitment to research! The fellowship carries with it $5000 .
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Physics Ig Nobel Prize recipients: Patricia Yang , David Hu, and Jonathan Pham, Jerome Choo, for testing the biological principle that nearly all mammals empty their bladders in about 21 seconds (plus or minus 13 seconds)!

August 2015

Congratulations to the recent internship by PoLS students! They will be talking about their internship experience at Lunch & Learn this semester.

  • Tingnan Zhang (Goldman lab) just came back from a summer internship at Google
  • Claire Yanyan Ji (Fenton lab) just finished her internship at Boston Scientific, modeling the electrical signal sensing using ablation catheters.

May 2015

Congratulations to the recent PoLS Graduates!

  • Dr. Daniel Kovari (Curtis Lab – PHYS) will be working as a post-doc in the Finzi group at Emory
  • Dr. Tung Le (Kim Lab – PHYS) will be joining the Wang lab at Cornell
  • Dr. Guillermo Amador (Hu Lab – ME) will be working as a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany

April 2015

  • The Georgia Tech PoLS Community was visited by Dr. Izaak Neveln (Northwestern University). Dr. Neveln presented his work on Knifefish undulation during the weekly Lunch & Learn seminar.
  • Congratulations to Alexis Noel (Hu Lab) for receiving the NSF’s  Graduate Research Fellowship Program grant for the Physics of Living Systems
  • Congratulations to Bradford Taylor on receiving the Nerem International Travel Award.  Bradford will be traveling back to the Max-Planck institute in Heidelberg to complete work on viral macrophages.
  • Tung Le (Kim Lab) successfully defended his dissertation.

March 2015

  • Congratulations to Prof. JC Gumbart on receiving an NSF CAREER award:CAREER: Research and Education on Protein Folding as an Energy Source at the Bacterial Outer Membrane
  • Congratulations to Henry Astley on his recent publication in PNAS!
  • Congratulations go out to Daniel Kovari from the Curtis group for successfully defending his Dissertation!
  • Congratulations to Alexis Noel for getting an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) for the Physics of Living Systems!
  • Prof. JC Gumbart and students from his lab travelled to Pope High School in Marietta, GA to demonstrate various aspects of molecular biophysics to high school students as part of the Atlanta Science Festival. You can read more about the trip in The Technique.
  • Congratulations  to Prof. JC Gumbart on being awarded an NSF CAREER award: Research and Education on Protein Folding as an Energy Source at the Bacterial Outer Membrane
  • Congratulations to Henry Astley on his recent publication in PNAS with Prof. Hu and Prof. Goldman. You can find Henry’s PNAS publication here.
  • Daniel Kovari (Curtis Group) successfully defended his thesis.

February 2015

  • The Georgia Tech PoLS Community was visited by Farzan Beroz (Princeton University).  Farzan presented his work “Physical limits to biomechanical sensing” to a packed room at the weekly Lunch & Learn seminar.

January 2015

  • Prof. Daniel Goldman was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).  “For contributions to biological physics and nonlinear dynamics at the interface of biomechanics, robotics, and granular physics”.


October 2014

  • Congratulations to the Goldman group for their recent Science Publication, Sidewinding with minimal slip: snake and robot ascent of sandy slopes!

July 2014

  • iPoLS Conference- MunichThe Georgia Tech Physics of Living Systems group sent an astounding 20 people to the iPoLS conference in Munich this year. Presentations were made by: Flavio Fenton Curtis Balusek Bradford Taylor Patrick Chang Henry Astley & Patricia Yang

January 2014

  • Presidential Early Career AwardProfessor Dan Goldman was awarded an NSF Presidential Early Career Award in Science in Engineering. Dr. Goldman attended the PECASE ceremony at the White House.

December 2013

  • Congratulation to Dr. Dan Goldman, recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (see the press release here). This award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.
  • Hamid Marvi will be joining Professor Metin Sitti’s lab at department of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University as a postdoc starting January 2014.


PoLS Pot-Luck

  • To celebrate the end of a great semester of student and postdoc talks, GT-PoLS held a “Physics of Living Systems” themed pot-luck during the scheduled Lunch & Learn.
  • Dishes were representative of the following categories:
    • Soft Matter: food that’s not quite liquid but not solid.
    • Cultures: Anything involving cultured cells (cheese, yogurt, etc.).
    • Granular Media: food that’s granular in shape.
    • Wormlike Chains: flexible long chain-like food (pasta).
    • Tissue & Organs: Meats and vegetables
    • Strange Attractors: bizarre and unusual.
  • Dishes included items like Sarah Sharpe’s Rice-Crispy Pops (granular), Bo Broadwater’s Guinness Cupcakes (cultures), and James Water’s Baker’s Map Apple Tart (which actually is a mathematical strange attractor).


  • Louis McLane presented his thesis defense entitled, “Probing the structure of the pericellular matrix via novel biophysical assays,” in IBB 1128 – Suddath seminar room.


  • Sarah Sharpe presented her thesis defense entitled, “Control of burial and subsurface locomotion in particulate substrates,” in IBB, room 1128 (Suddath Seminar Room).


  • Several students (Wenbin Wei from Curtis lab and Tung Le from Kim lab) won the Molecular Biophysics senior student supplement.



  • Gabriel Mitchell presented his thesis defense entitled, “Quantifying Enzymatic Lysis in Gram-positive Bacteria,” in the ES&T Building, room L1125.


  • Tung Le from Harold Kim’s lab has recently published a publication, entitled, Measuring Shape-Dependent Looping Probability of DNA.
    T. T. Le and H.D. Kim. 2013. Measuring Shape-Dependent Looping Probability of DNA. Biophysical Journal, 104:2068–2076.


  • The James S. McDonnell Foundation is seeking applicants for the 2013 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards in Complex Systems Research. For more information see the listing in the newly created job board.


  • Visiting researcher at CrabLab: Christopher Topp, Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Biology, Duke University. Dates: April 29-th-30th 2013. Christopher is interested in studying the plants roots networks in soil.
  • Visiting researcher: Jessica Kurth, Graduate Student at the Department of Biology, UNC Chapel Hill. Dates: April 22-nd- 24-th 2013. Jessica plans to study burrowing behavior of earthworms.


  • PoLS students from Georgia Tech, The University of Maryland, and The University of Maryland gathered for lunch at March Meeting.


  • Sarah Sharpe (Goldman Lab) placed 2nd for Best Student Presentation in the Division of Comparative Biology at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Conference. See the announcement on their website.


  • The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign will be hosting the 2013 Physics of Living Systems Summer School, July 15th-20th. See their website: for more details.


  • The Lake Como School of Advanced Studies in Complex Systems (Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy) will be hosting a workshop covering “Quantitative Laws of Genome Evolution” from June 27- July 5, 2013. Registration opens in February 2013. See flier for details.


  • The PoLS web site, which includes the BLOG is now ready for use, but it requires you to register first. If you have not already registered, visit:


  • There will be a talk given by Prof. Robert Dudley entitled From Ants to Hummingbirds: The Evolution of Flight. Information about the talk can be found here. Lunch for PoLS student members will be provided after the talk.


  • For those students interested, the Siements Competition in Math, Science & Technology will be held on the Georgia Tech campus this weekend. As described on the competition website “America’s next generation of young innovators presents their awe-inspiring research projects to expert university judges.” More information can be found here.


  • The first of nine Lunch & Learn student led presentation and discussion sections will begin this Thursday, 10/11/2012. Lunch & Learn sessions will be held on Thursdays from 12-1:30 in Howey. A full schedule and sign up sheet for the lunch and learns can be found on the Lunch & Learn page.


  • Georgia Tech joins other North American Nodes in the Physics of Living Systems student research network. For more information see the Georgia Tech press release here.